Standardization is key!

Standardization of health care processes has been shown to improve outcomes and quality of care.  As women’s health care providers, we must come together to ensure that every care setting has a systematic and comprehensive framework for care delivery.

 The Council on Patient Safety in Women’s Health Care disseminates patient safety bundles to help reduce variation and facilitate the standardization process.

You can get started on improving outcomes by implementing patient safety bundles at your facility.

Patient Safety Bundles

A concept introduced by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, a bundle is a structured way of improving care processes and patient outcomes.

Our patient safety bundles do not introduce new guidelines but are built upon established best-practices. They are designed to collate a critical set of processes based on the broad universe of existing guidance, tools, and resources that have been developed by trusted organizations.

Our bundles are designed to be universally implementable and able to be consistently used across disciplines and settings.

Implementing A Bundle

Any facility can implement a patient safety bundle. Some states and health care systems are also eligible to participate in the Alliance for Innovation on Maternal Health (AIM) Program.
  • Select a bundle that fits your needs.

    Although the bundle functions best as it is, components may be adapted to meet local resources. However, we strongly encourage standardization within your institution. We also suggest beginning with one bundle before moving on to others.
  • See our Implementation Guide.

    The Implementing Quality Improvement Projects Toolkit was developed to help health care teams successfully implement Council products, such as patient safety bundles. Through the use of the toolkit the Council aims to help health care organizations institute long-term change that results in improved outcomes.
  • Listen to our free educational sessions.

    The Safety Action Series is comprised of free teleconferences on various topics related to the patient safety bundles and tools endorsed by the Council.  The Series includes sessions led by teams that have implemented bundles and provide insight on implementing bundles.
  • Motivate your team to participate!

    Try participating in the National Improvement Challenge or the National Improvement Video Challenge and get a chance to win monetary awards for your quality improvement efforts.
  • Stay involved with the Council community.

    Signing up for our email list will keep you in the loop about all of our emerging projects, including future implementation support projects.

Before you begin implementing on your own, find out if you practice in an AIM state or system and can receive implementation and data support here.

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