We are excited to announce the launch of our Patient Advisory Group! It has been developed to improve patient-centeredness and advance equity across all aspects of our work.

PURPOSE: What will the Patient Advisory Group offer to its members?

  • Empowerment: An established mechanism for personal connection, interaction, and engagement directly with the Council on an ongoing basis.
  • Engagement: An opportunity to interact and engage with others – both providers and patients – working towards similar goals to improve safety in women’s health care.
  • Education: Active familiarization with the structure, processes, activities, and goals of the Council.

ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: What is the expected role of the Patient Advisory Group?

  • Inform: Offer thoughtful and constructive ideas and feedback on all Council tools and resources being considered for endorsement.
  • Connect: Share lived experiences and personal life narratives to inform discussions, when comfortable doing so. Be respectful of the unique background and perspective of each individual member
  • Serve: When opportunities exist, be willing to serve as a member on clinical project working groups that may be established by the Council.  
  • Engage: Be able to join four (4) one-hour-long calls with the full Patient Advisory Group each year. These calls are an opportunity for engagement with members of both the Patient Advisory Group and Council.  No in-person Patient Advisory Group meetings will be convened.  
  • Nominate: Identify the individuals to serve in the Patient Advocate Voting Member seats on the Council. These individuals represent the collective voice of the Patient Advisory Group during all Council discussions.

STRUCTURE AND COMPOSITION: What does the the Patient Advisory Group look like?

  • An inclusive group comprised of members with diverse characteristics, differing backgrounds, and unique lived experiences.

Are you interested in being considered for membership on the Patient Advisory Group? Complete the application below.

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