A visual aid linking opioid collaborative goals to corresponding key drivers, interventions, resource links, and metrics. Click here.

A step-by-step guide to implementing the recommendations of the AIM Opioid bundle. Click here.

A comparison chart showing the various tools used for screening for substance use disorders. Click here.

A slide deck on NAS and maternal involvement in care of the infant. Click here.

A slide deck on screening for opioid use disorder during pregnancy and postpartum. Click here.

Questions regarding partnerships and engagement outside of the hospital setting when implementing the AIM Opioid bundle. Click here.

An example checklist for the clinical care of pregnant/postpartum women with OUD. Click here.

Metrics for the AIM Opioid bundle with notes and glossary. Click here.

Click HERE for the Q&A on Guidance on 3-Day Prescribing Limitation of Inpatient Administration of MAT. Commentary provided by Dr. Miska Terplan

Coming soon: links to patient education materials, plan of safe care, and more.


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