From day one AIM provides implementation support and data tracking for open access Patient Safety Bundles and Tools. Enrollment is based on voluntary participation and has a rolling onboarding process.

Connect With Your State or Hospital System Coordinator

Your State or Hospital Lead Coordinator will facilitate your hospital’s partnership in the AIM program.

Take a Short Maternal Safety Needs Assessment Survey

You’ll take a short survey and your AIM Lead Coordinator will work with you to identify areas of improvement and current QI initiatives.

Learn About AIM-Supported Patient Safety Bundles and Tools That Fit Your Needs

Your team will be introduced to AIM-supported Patient Safety Bundles and Tools that can be tailored to your needs to improve QI efforts.

Receive Bundle Implementation Support

Your team will enjoy facilitated peer-to-peer engagement opportunities with other AIM partners and on-going technical support and resources to make implementation of these bundles accessible and effective.

Track and Benchmark Your Progress Through The AIM Data Center

You’ll be able to track your success on improving maternal outcomes through AIM’s national data center.

Expectations of AIM States and Birth Hospitals

  • Collaborate with AIM Leadership to develop a maternal safety bundle implementation workplan.
  • Collaborate with AIM Leadership to develop state and hospital level data plans.
  • Share hospital level data to track progress of maternal safety bundles implementation and outcomes.
  • Participate in monthly scheduled conference calls with AIM Leadership.
  • Host a state AIM Kickoff Meeting to promote the AIM program in hospitals and the community.
  • Disseminate AIM resources, including newsletter, to staff in participating hospitals and state organizations.
  • Assist AIM Leadership in sharing implementation strategies and lessons learned with incoming AIM states

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