An opportunity to apply for additional fund disbursement through the Alliance for Innovation on Maternal Health (AIM) Program has been made available for enrolled States, Systems, and Partner organizations. These funds have been set aside to help further support and advance the work of the AIM Program at the AIM State, System, and Partner levels.


  • Only currently enrolled AIM States, Systems, and Partner organizations are eligible to apply to receive funds.

  • States, Systems, and Partners must have a current executed contract on file with the AIM Program before funds will be dispersed.

  • Applying to receive additional funds is voluntary; any funds awarded shall be in addition to the funds that AIM States, Systems, and Partner organizations receive during each grant year, as contracted.

  • It is expected that a variable amount of funds will be available during each program year, but this is not guaranteed. All contracted AIM States, Systems, and Partner organizations are eligible to apply for funding each year, regardless of previous funding status.


To be considered to receive funds, any interested AIM States or Partner organizations must submit an online application form along with a project narrative.

A. Application Form

A completed Application Form must be submitted, incomplete forms will not be reviewed. The Project Narrative (described below) is uploaded into the Application Form.

B. Project Narrative

The project narrative should be uploaded as a Word document or PDF directly into the online Application Form in the designated area. The Project Narrative must clearly detail the following:

  • A description of the initiative. Be sure to describe how the initiative directly helps to support and meet the goals of the AIM Program.
  • A summary of how the requested funds will be utilized to carry out the initiative.
  • Steps on how and when (timeline) the project will be implemented.
  • The anticipated impact of the project. For AIM Partners, be sure to clearly explain how many AIM States you expect to reach.
  • The anticipated outcomes as a result of the project. Be sure to explain how these outcomes align the goals of the AIM Program.

The narrative should be single-spaced in 12-point font with 1-inch margins and should be no longer than 4 pages. Figures, charts, and pictures may be included separately as appendices but must be described or explained in the text submission (within 4-page limit). Any references should be submitted in APA format. The name of the applying organization should appear on each page in the footer.


Submissions will be evaluated utilizing the following criteria:

How well the initiative directly helps to support and meet the goals of the AIM Program. The demonstrated potential impact of the initiative. The overall strength of the submission. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.



  • Funds are expected to be available during each grant year although this is not guaranteed.
  • Total funds available for disbursement each year will depend on other programmatic needs.
  • Notice of the availability of funds will occur in September at the start of each grant year.
  • Additional notices may be sent throughout the year as needed.


  • Funds must be used to support and further the work of AIM.
  • Funds are not required to be spent in the year they are received and may be used through August 2023.


  • Completed applications will be reviewed and funds will be dispersed on a rolling basis.
  • Once all available current year funds have been dispersed the application will be closed.


  • For AIM states please contact your Program Manager
  • For AIM Partners please contact Karmah McIlvain at kmcilvain@acog.org


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